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By Liz Callham. AFS Contributor. So many times we focus just on the customer, which is vital to keeping our doors open, right? But that's just one part of who we need to retain in...
By Brad Elson, AFS Co-Founder & CEO. I am writing this article, not because I am a prolific writer. I am writing this article because I hope that the lessons I have learned as an Executive...
By Liz Callham, AFS Contributor. Many times studios focus their efforts on the website, social media, and of course the traffic walking in the door. But every business should also ensure they...


Based on the current rise of studio-type fitness environments, I believe the AFS products, services, and benefits can make a substantial, positive difference to the bottom line of almost any studio. We are supporting it.
Scott Goudeseune, CEO American Council on Exercise
It is exciting to see the fitness industry evolving and the role that AFS plays in this. AFS understands the trends and "gets" it.  I strongly encourage studio owners and fitness professionals to join.
Karen Jashinsky Founder, O2 MAX
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