Leverage Your Newsletter to Increase Leads for Your Fitness Business

May 22 2015 In Public category
By Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO In this day and age it's critical to stay in touch with clients and members.  It's also incredibly important to build your list of prospects so you always have a segmented list to market to. Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience engaged while promoting the benefits of what you do.  Here are my top tips for creating a successful newsletter.   1. Make some of the content educational. It's one thing to promote how many...
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Protect Yourself with Custom Insurance Plans

February 24 2015 In Public category
By Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO Very few people outside of Buffalo, NY and Medway, MA ever heard of Amherst Orthopedic Physical Therapy (AOPT). If you own or contemplate owning a fitness studio, you should. In fact, you should memorize their experience. It was at AOPT in 2004 when a 600 lb. Cybex leg extension machine fell on an AOPT employee who was improperly using it to stretch. The impact crushed the trainer’s legs, rendering her a quadrapelegic. She sued and seven...
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How Visible is Your Business in Your Community?

August 12 2014 In Public category
By Liz Callham, AFS Contributor. Many times studios focus their efforts on the website, social media, and of course the traffic walking in the door. But every business should also ensure they are connected within the community as well.  It allows you to be seen more well-rounded as a company, as well as become more than just part of one industry.  Connecting through the community means you are more aware of changes that are occurring, new businesses that are developing,...
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August 2014

August 01 2014 In Expert Q&A category
Answer by...Karen Jashinsky, Founder, 02 MAX Q. A new competitor moved in around the corner from me. What steps can I take to make sure my clients and members don't leave for the cheaper option?  A. This is a very common question in the studio market.  With it being the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry, small business owners will no doubt face this challenge at some point in the lifespan of their business. However, while it may sound like...
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Use KPI's to Position Your Fitness Studio for Success

May 17 2014 In Public category
By Liz Callham, AFS Contributor As you continue to move towards your measurable goals and prioritize your day, the next step is creating KPI’s. These are formally known as Key Performance Indicators.  Essentially they are key snippets of information that allow you to see very quickly if you are moving forward with your business. A few examples I use in my daily business for managing at a commercial fitness level is paid sessions each month, gross revenue...
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