When Problems Arise With Employee Conduct

August 26 2015 In Public category
By Chuck Leve, Executive Vice President, Business Development We all prefer to be happy in our jobs. Nobody likes disgruntled or disruptive employees, including the employee themselves, since few people want to be “that guy.”  Obviously, the best way to avoid problems with employee conduct is to hire well by making cultural and behavioral expectations clear at the outset. Your culture and your vision represent your brand, and thus, your business. There are...
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AFS Business Education at the Evolution Sports Expo

July 28 2015 In Public category
By Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO. Question: Where were you able to get the preeminent fitness industry experts in one place and time in an all-day seminar setting to help you improve your studio’s bottom line? Answer: Eight such experts were on hand in Santa Clara, CA last month at the annual Evolution Sports Expo on behalf of the Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) where they worked hand-in-hand with attendees interested in growing their bottom line. The AFS all-star...
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How to Keep Yourself Motivated for Business Success

February 14 2015 In Public category
By Josh Leve, AFS Co-founder & President Running a fitness business can sometimes be a grind. Let's face it, you don't wake up every single day and feel like a 10. There are plenty of outside (and inside) factors that can have a negative impact on you and subsequently, your business.   As a business owner, it's your job to continually motivate not only your clients, but your team so you can deliver results.  Sometimes you hit a wall, and that's expected. The real question...
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Studio Owners - Learn This Process to Get More Efficient!

December 01 2014 In Public category
By Liz Callham, AFS Contributor. Studio owners are constantly working towards being more efficient throughout the day. How many times have you said this to yourself..."If only there were more hours in the day!" Well while we can't extend the day to a 25 or 26 hour day (nor would we want too), below are some ways to begin getting more efficient in regards to your time and your own energy on a daily basis.   First things first - you'll need to take a full week and take notes...
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4 Ways to Implement a Referral Program

November 22 2014 In Public category
By Liz Callham, AFS Contributor. Any studio wants to ensure that they continue to retain the clients and members they have, especially during the slower months.  Referral programs are a great way to grow your brand because depending on which program you implement, sometimes you can even utilize your current clients/members as your sales people!   When beginning a referral program there are three questions you must ask yourself... 1.) What type of referral program do I...
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